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Bay Area Rental Repair Sheet
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Inspection/Evaluation is a minimum of $25.00 which is paid in advance________

This deposit is to ensure that after we take apart your equipment and prepare the estimate, IF you decide that your piece of equipment is not worth the repairing cost, the $25.00 will be kept as payment for the labor already expended. If you decide to repair it, that money will then go towards the total amount of the repair.

Repairing labor is $45.00 per hour + Parts

Note: We are not responsible for equipment left over 60 days! Cancelled jobs will not be   reassembled.


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Equipment Description:

Customer Evaluation:

ATTN Valued Customer-

We understand that your equipment is valuable and necessary in your work. And we will make every effort to get it back to making you money as soon as possible, BUT you need to realize that we repair equipment as received. So please understand that it may take a couple of days to get to your equipment, tear into it, find the problem, and then figure out what it will take as far as parts and labor time so that when we do call, we can answer all of your questions. Also, we do not keep all of the varying parts in stock, we have to order them as needed and there is often a delay in the repair while waiting for the parts to arrive.  

Thanks for your understanding,
Bay Area Rental

Equipment Pick Up Date:______________  By:___________________________

    Here at Bay Area Rental, we pride ourselves on being able to repair a multitude of equipment. Whether it's a heavy piece of contractor's equipment, a broken drill that has been sitting in a homeowner's garage or a piece of office equipment like a shredder with a piece of paper jammed into it. If we can diagnose the problem and order parts for your equipment, we can fix it!
    Below is the repair sheet you will recieve upon dropping off your piece of equipment at our shop. We will have you pay $25 in advance and if you decide that your equipment is worth the repair fees (parts and labor), then the $25 will go towards the repair. If you decide that the piece of equipment is not worth the cost of repair, we will keep your $25 as an inspection fee and you are free to pick up your equipment at your leisure.