Bay Area Rental began as a franchise company, Taylor Rental Center, in the Winter of 1973. After ten years of faithful service as a Taylor Rental Center, my grandfather, Douglas Voegeli along with his wife Gloria, his son Steven and daughter Viki, opted out of the franchise and went into business for themselves, thus creating Bay Area Rental. Bay Area Rental has been a cornerstone of the rental service industry since its inception and has delivered unprecedented customer service since December 10th, 1973. My grandfather, mother and uncle have kept this place alive and continue to work ten hour days, dedicating their lives to this industry and keeping five families alive with their success. Their children, me being one of them, have grown up around this rental yard and consider it home. We are the third generation to step up and lend a hand and we are proud to be able to help with the new challenges of this generation, one of them being the internet. There are a few things that have kept this business alive through the unpredictable ups and downs of a shaky economy; our location, the diversity of services that we offer, good business sense, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Bay Area Rental has been an integral part of the growing South Bay community and has played a major role in the development and maintenance of our community. We've been helping homeowners fix and transform their homes to their liking, we've made independent contractor's and migrant worker's work possible, and we've serviced local small businesses and residents with propane and party goods for over 36 years.  Please check out the links above to the left and see if there might be something we have that you could use.     
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